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We love to share valuable information, research, and tools with people who share our passion for growing and bettering our industry. This page will be updated with presentations and research which you may find to be useful.
A few of the following links are referenced in our e-book: “Quantify your Claim Right”.
Click here to download our e-book.
Guide to estimate the effect of injuries on work capacity: Guide-to-Estimate-Effects-of-Injuries-on-Work-Capacity.pdf
Judgement on the case Ntombela vs the RAF: Ntombela-vs-RAF-Judgement.pdf
Research on Earnings done at JPV: JPV-Research-on-Earnings-Information.pdf
Feedback from a Forensic Industrial Psychologist (Presented by JP Venter at the 2019 EPASSA Conference): 2019-EPASSA-Conference-JPVenter.pdf

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