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JPV's IP reports were received within the specified period, unlike other experts who often struggle to meet their deadlines. We can confirm that the IP reports are understandable and clear, they are factually correct and based on sound reasoning. Their professionalism adds value to our office to be respected by other stake holders. JPV is a company you can confidently refer your friends and colleagues to, without a doubt.

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Factual and Correct

  1. Comprehensive expert summaries

  2. Logical sequence

  3. Justifiable conclusions

Timeous Reports

  1. Efficient process

  2. 2 weeks to complete

Actuary Friendly

  1. Clear earnings opinion summary

  2. Quantification table

Why choose JPV?

We know how hard it is to deal with the stretched-out claim process.

That’s why we will make your life better by doing the first step of the actuary’s work, so the actuary doesn’t have to overspend time on deciphering IP reports.

But don’t take our word for it – see what our clients have to say…

Lindsay Keller had been involved in personal injury litigation for, at least, the past 33 years. An integral part of this type of litigation is the quantification of loss of income and for this purpose we have had to secure the services of industrial psychologists on a regular basis.
These services would include the following:
Interviewing the injured individual
Investigating the pre-accident scenarios
Conducting an evaluation of the individual and his/her abilities to both pre and post-accident
Reducing the information and findings to a report that is both comprehensive and understandable
Attending to the above timeously and within the and within the parameters of the litigious timeframe
Being available for consultations and to clarify problematic issues
Being available to testify in court, if necessary.

JPV excelled in all of these issues and it is for that reason that our firm can look back on a very long and fruitful collaboration with them.
Lindsay Keller Attorneys
They responded within the limited time, more specifically when the priority was set to be urgent. The outcome was satisfying with clear and understandable reports, which made it easier to interpret the actuarial findings.
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Receive your clear, factual and quantified IP Report within two weeks from final instruction to completion.

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