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We quantify earnings loss from personal injury. The injury may be due to accidents such as road accidents or due to negligent behaviour, for example medical negligence. We are also medico-legal and commercial mediators.

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Service Characteristics

We do a thorough analysis of the injured individual, including psychological tests where required, and we obtain corroborative information.

Our industrial psychologists have extensive experience in industry, government, and business environments, together with small business, and can therefore easily deal with claimants from all backgrounds – including those who earn from business activities.

We aim to write concise reports and to summarise information in understandable tables and sensible sections, leading up to an uninjured earnings scenario followed by an injured scenario.

As suggested by the actuaries in the field, we finally provide a table that focuses on quantification only.

Our reports are therefore clear and easy to understand for legal experts as well as actuaries.

As seasoned organisation behaviour consultants, we are skilled at being objective and fair – this serves us well in our mediator role.

We quantify earnings loss from personal injury


We assist attorneys in estimating work capacity loss and earnings loss due to personal injury. This is usually insurance related. The injury can originate from motor vehicle accidents, work accidents or medical negligence from healthcare providers. We can also assist with estimating earning capacity of spouses in divorce cases.


As seasoned industrial psychologists, we have been confronted with conflict at work within or between work teams and between managers. In addition to this, JP Venter has been trained and accredited by Mediation in Motion in medical negligence mediation and by Conflict Dynamics in commercial mediation. He is experienced in both these fields.